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Contributions on social innovation in a series of digital workshops and at the “Gründungscafé” of the Centre of Entrepreneurship & Transfer (CET)

On May 7th, Sabrina Janz from TU Dortmund University gave the participants an insight into the topic of social innovation and the contribution it can make to social progress.


Interested students and employees of TU Dortmund University took part in the online event on the topic of social innovation in the morning, which was organized by the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Transfer (CET) as part of the "Heb (Dich) ab!" event series. About 20 participants discussed social innovations and how to anchor them economically.

In the evening of May 7th, the first “Gründungscafé” of the CET also took place in form of an online meeting. This meeting could take place via the use of the video conference software ZOOM. sfs-scientist Sabrina Janz gave a short input on social innovation and Grigori Rogge presented Life Pants, his social start-up for care clothing.

The workshop was held in the context of the project "SIKE - Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange", which aims at promoting knowledge exchange between higher education institutions and organizations that are practically engaged in social innovation and at further developing the regional ecosystem of social innovation in the Ruhr area.